The Spring


The village where the source is located is called “Voditsa” (which means “water” in Bulgarian). The name was given to the place because the ancient caravans on their way to Constantinople stopped to take a rest at this place due to its pure water springs and beautiful nature.

Now “Voditsa” is also called the natural mineral water which comes from the deepest source in Bulgaria. The water basin is formed at a depth between 800 and 1400 m. Natural mineral water Voditsa has low mineral content of 445 mg/l . The water is suitable for daily consumption. Furthermore, the rich mineral content provides vital minerals to the body.


“…the hydrothermal reservoir is completely insulated and is protected from above and below by very thick water resistant layers. On the top those layers are malm, clay and limestone with a thickness of 600 m. The layers below are clay, sand, alverolits, argilits with a thickness more than 1500 m. The relative age of the mineral water is estimated to be between 3500 – 5000 years old. Therefore a conclusion could be made that the water has a biblical age and its purity has been unaffected by human activity.”.

Ph.D. D-r Tech. Eng. K.D.Shterev