Drinking mineral water “Voditsa” grants the following benefits to your body:

  • The water is hypotonic, i.e. able of effective extraction of waste products from the metabolite (exchange) processes and for general purification of the organism from toxic substances caught in it;
  • Stimulates dieresis (urinating), reduces the level of uric acid, facilitates the renal function, purifies
    urethras, oppresses inflammation processes in them;
  • Favours the exchange of substances, digestion and liver and gall functions;
  • Delivers to the organism constructive elements – calcium and magnesium, meets the physiological needs of silicon. Especially healthy for children and adults. Can be promoted as very valuable for breast-fed children;
  • Appropriate for dietetic programmes and regimes of patient endangered by or suffering from diabetes, podagra and obesity;
  • The relatively low contents of sodium resembles in the water are recommended for meagre of sodium diets. As it is known these diets are very important factor in profylacitcs (prevention) of hypertonic and coronary disease.
  • For the consumption of Voditsa, there are no time, quantitative and age limitations. The consumption of up to 2 litres per day is within physiological range.